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So what's up with bigtone?  That's the question we get each week.  We have had hundreds of emails & IM's asking us just that.  Well obviously bigtone has been on a break. With over 400 shows under our belt and 4 CD's released we have had an awesome time.  This year has put members of bigtone in different places.  Josh our drummer has had a child and is working at a new job keeping him very busy.  Ashley is currently enrolled in college working toward vocal performance degree.  Adrian is working on a plan to take over the world.   Tony is working on a new recording studio just recently opened as well as a super secret side project.  More about that later.

So what is up with bigtone?  Well bigtone hasn't seen there last show or maybe even there last CD but for right now YES we are on a break.  That doesn't mean you won't see us at various shows here and there but we're not aggressively working on new material or new projects.  We are just chillin waiting to see what direction God might take us in.  Thanks for all your support and a big shout out to all the fans all over the country we've had the pleasure of hangin with.

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Here is streaming audio in mp3 format.

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1. Shackle
2. Saad Ave. or Real Audio
3. Fallen Angel
4. Beautiful
5. Absalom's Last Ride
6. Your Return

bigtone Debut CD 2001
1. rich man
2. for you
3. promiseland
4. the end
5. mercy (download)
6. what went wrong
7. cool
8. if you want
9. know you more
10.hole in me (download)

bigtone Live Bootleg Vol 1 2002
1. absalom's last ride (Instrumental)- 5:55
2. seven words - 4:41
3. beautiful - 11:33
4. gimme shelter - 4:05
5. candle - 8:38
6. goodbye (Instrumental)- 12:27

Misc live taping either sent to us or record by us
free download from a concert in Pikeville KY 09-22-05. A Rippin version of Absaloms Last Ride Download
Cool:recorded in Pikeville KY 09/08/05 Download
Promiseland :recorded live at Joes Java :July 2003
The End :recorded live at The Shack :May 2002
Goodbye :recorded live on an old 16trk reel to reel. One of the reels was warped making is drap at first. Awesome instrumental :Nov 2002:
Your Return :recorded live acoustic with Shane Mullins on percussion :2001:

Board Recording from bigtone March 26 2004 show





Unfortunately these Videos are for DSL only unless you really have nothing else to do and a lot of time on your hands. Each video averages around 20 megs. We hope to have dial up versions soon.

On the road in Texas.
Click Here This is a 4 or 5 minute collage of shows on the Road while bigtone was on tour in Texas.

Josh getting some gas

Watch it Here

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