You may have seen or heard older men referring to older women as “honey dos”. This is a clear indication that younger women are one of the most popular topics for adult men to discuss with their peers. What they really want is a stripchat token discount so they can interact with younger women. It has become more acceptable and even trendy for older men to discuss sex with younger women. Male performers have long referred to younger women in songs with various epithems such as “baby” or “little lady.” Now it is increasingly common for younger women to call their sex partners “daddies.” But it is worth taking another look at whether this practice should be accepted as a sign of sexual maturity.

The fact is that some men will always refer to older women as “honey dos” regardless of how long they’ve been married. And there is nothing wrong with that. What is questionable is when younger women seeking men take this form of casual sex too far. The fact is that sex between a man and a younger woman is just not an exercise in sexual restraint.

Yes, it’s fine for younger women to discuss sex with their boyfriends or even occasionally engage in “jealousy” if they feel that they are not receiving the kind of attention from a man that they desire. It’s a natural response to feel some jealousy or to seek a bit of competition in the bedroom. But this is where the danger comes in. These young women can easily use these sexual discussions as a way to get a guy in a headlock. If the discussion turns to sex, then it becomes a power play by one person who wants to control the relationship.

Yes, older men may enjoy having sex with young women because they feel stronger and more powerful in their sexuality. And yes, many of these relationships are arranged by parents concerned about the well being of their kids. But it is not fair to assume that every relationship in which the participants are both in their early to mid twenties is doomed to failure. Many relationships have survived unscathed in the face of adversity. So dating younger women requires some caution – just as with any other relationship even though it can be great for your sexual health.

When dating younger women, you need to keep something serious in mind. If you find yourself getting more physical with this younger woman, then she is not likely to be someone who is going to stick around. In fact, it may even be a bad idea for you to pursue the relationship since it could very well lead to something less than serious.

Something else to consider is the age gap between you and the woman you want to date. Although you might like to think that age gaps don’t matter, you’d be wrong. This age gap can play havoc on your chances of making a long term relationship work. Many older men dating younger women expect them to fall in love with them right away. And in a sense, they are right.

But this is where the age gap comes into play. The women in these type of relationships will often play hard to get. They might be demanding and pushy at times, but this can be good because it means that there is an opening for you where there would be no competition for her. The downside to this is that these women might push you away if you aren’t a willing participant in their relationship.

So the bottom line is that there are ulterior motives when it comes to dating younger women. If you are thinking about dating younger women, then you should always put some caution into place. Dating younger women does involve a certain amount of risk, so take it slow and make sure you know what you are getting into. One last thing – when it comes to women, you need to learn how to hold her attention to get her to go home with you.